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1. If we want bay puppy?

Look our available puppy page or take contact with us.

2. What we need bay before puppy move to us?

  • need be place for food and water
  • need be sleeping place
  • need be walking leash
  • need be some toys

3. When we can start to walk?

After 8 weeks possible start walk in closed area without other animals. After 16 weeks possible start walk in open area.

4. How often we need to walk?

At begging, it is good to go outside as much as possible. Later it is go down.

5. Which kind of food I need to give?

At beginning we give you food, what puppy eat in our place. Later if you want you can change it is easy.

6. How often I need to feed the puppy?

At beginning, puppy eat 4 times. Later you change this to 3 times and finally 2 times in a day.

7. When I change food?

Before 9 months, owner give puppy food. Next 9-18 junior food .and after 18 months adult food. But check also what kind of food you give and for what age it is. Also, how much you need to give.

8. When we start to go to train?

Puppy’s school star usually in 2,5-3 months. Also, you can find different dog school for different type of dog and age .in home you can start as fast as possible

9. Need I go to a dog show?

It is not important. But if you want - we try to help you as much we can.

10. How often I need to go to vet control?

First vaccination puppy get around when he/she is 8 weeks. Second vaccination + rabies around 16 weeks. After what, owner need to visit veterinarian every year for revaccination, if not something extra happens with puppy.

11. Need I insurance?

Owner need to decide by them self if they want are not.

12. Need I glue ears? 

If you think in future tray some dog show, very careful look how ears grow up. And if they not correct-glue them.

13. How often I need to make anthelmintic and tick treatment?

Anthelmintic need to be making minimum 2 weeks before vaccination. Tick treatment from April, before October every year.

14. How often I need to wash the dog?

It is not needed to be often, wash when he/she is dirty. Maybe in autumn /spring little extra of bad weather.

15. How to manage shedding?

If you keep up on bathing and brushing your Aussie, shedding is manageable.

16. Need I to go to grooming?

Owner can be good groomer for him dog. Maybe you can ask help if you plan to go to dog show, and do not have experience with this kind grooming.

17. Need I find sport for my dog?

It can be a good idea, but if you not have any wish, don’t do that.

18. Can I by from your adult dog?

You can always ask, but I can not promise what I have at the moment.

19. If I can not manage with puppy?

You need to be ready what it is hard work, and sometimes it is taking extra time and power. From our side we promise to help you 24/7.and if you feel what it is something wrong always take contact with us - and we try find way out of situations.

20. Is Aussie / SWD can live in flat?

Yes, only find good time spend with dog (like much walk, playing, some sport).

21. If Aussie/ SWD can live with other animals?

Yes, most of our pappies live with other animals (cats are dogs).only be ready what it is can take some time extra to teach them to be friends.

22. If Aussie can be friends with kids?

Yes, it is very good family dogs. All our dogs are teaching to grow up with kids -in our family, we have them 3.

23. Need I cut my Spanish water dog?

If coat grow nice, and you do not have any problem - don’t need. But you can always cut in spring around 9 mm, and let grow up new fresh coat.

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